Monthly Archives: July 2013

Finding my way around

It looks as though the weather has broken in Boston after a week of ~100°F temps. This and the accompanying thunder means that my run has been cancelled so I’m doing some more work on the website. I’m new to WordPress and just finding my way around. I really like the interface so far. I’ve had some successes (actually creating the existing pages of the website) and some failures (attempting to create a child theme from the parent template). Using WP brings a whole new language into my life. I’m considering the merits of spending the time to learn HTML/CSS code but as with everything there’s a time cost to be considered.

There was an interesting article on Lifehacker recently talking about teaching kids to code. Given the fact that so much of day to day life now involves electronic media it makes perfect sense to teach this alongside reading, writing and arithmetic. I guess that’s a pretty persuasive argument for learning some sort of code. No-one wants to look like a total Luddite in the eyes of the younger generation.

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