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Asking questions is fundamental to being a scientist. This morning’s questions: “Why did you put empty ice cube trays in the fridge?”, “Why do the bananas smell of fish?”.

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I work on aging. Specifically, ways to ensure healthy brain aging to stave off neurodegenerative disease. Maybe this career direction suggests a preoccupation with aging? Maybe here’s why.

I’m taking to my Mum on the phone.

MUM: How’s the gluten free stuff going.

ME: Great. I feel a lot less bloated and it’s not difficult to do.

MUM: Yeah, because at your age your gut starts acting up. I remember a consultant saying to me about Nan “all old people become obsessed with their guts” and I came to realize as I got older that actually your gut does ruin your life.

Then follows a 5 minute monologue about how my Mum got podgier around the middle as she got older and how her gut is ruining her life.

ME: But I’ve always had this bloating. Even when I was at Oxford (and henceforth rowing and super-fit), even at Keele (and aged 18-22).

MUM: Yeah, but you find it gets worse now you’re older.

After the phone call finishes I walk to the living room where my husband sits eating a sandwich.

ME: I swear my Mum thinks I’m 45-years old.

HUSBAND: You’re only in your low thirties.

ME: I’m 37 this year.

HUSBAND: Shit, you’re old *chokes*.


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