H-Mart open in Central Square!

H-Mart, the Korean grocery store, is open in Central Square and 7pm last night it was carnage in there!

I can see I’m going to have a love/hate relationship with this place. Love because it has all of the best aspects of an Asian supermarket and more. Hate because everyone else is going to love it and it’s always going to be¬†busy!

The Central Square H-Mart has a mini food court at the front on the Mass Ave side of things. There is a Paris Baguette sandwich and patisserie place, a Go-Go Curry! and a Sapporo Ramen place that last night was sold out of ramen. Everyone loves ramen.

I couldn’t take an exhaustive tour of the store because it was so packed but I did get a bargain on some pork bulgogi ($2.99 a Ib) and bought a tray of accompaniments to the Bulgogi ($11.99) and some Asian snacks.

As I left (via one of the side exits to avoid the crush of disappointed ramen hunters at the front of the store) a young woman handed me a melamine dish painted with fruit and homely scenes saying “free gift”. She didn’t seem to have an H-Mart uniform on so maybe she was using me a mule for her shoplifting. Anyway, the joke’s on her as I now have a rather kitsch melamine tray¬†holding my planting supplies. All in all a successful first trip except for the ramen.

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