The wonder of pregnancy

I’m not an overjoyed pregnant woman. I guess this comes as no surprise to those that know me, as I’m not necessarily the type of person with whom ‘overjoyed’ is quickly associated. I am incredibly grateful to pregnant and deeply hope for a healthy child but the ‘wonder’ of pregnancy largely eluded me.

After the first few weeks of knowing I was pregnant, the rush of excitement and happiness wore off, and the fatigue and nausea set in. Those first few months of pregnancy felt akin to when I had undiagnosed Graves’ disease, I was tired all the time and my emotions were out of my control. Pregnancy almost felt like another chronic disease to live with. Each time I went for an ultrasound I was surprised to see that there was a living fetus in there. Feeling like crap and not being able to tell anyone why just felt like the new normal.

Even into the second trimester after we’d told people and when I started feeling less tired and nauseated I still didn’t get those feelings of wonder at pregnant. I wondered why I did not feel that wonder.┬áIt has taken until now, when at 24+ weeks pregnant, I can feel little Nugget moving around on a regular basis to get those feelings.

She has a little schedule. She usually wakes up when I do (or she’s awake beforehand I just don’t feel her as I’m asleep) then she has a bit of exercise around 11am, followed by a burst of activity around 2pm, then again around 6 in the evening and finally at bed time around 10pm.

If I’m busy working or lost in thought she’ll kick me in the uterus it really does bring home the wonder of it all.

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